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The Bloodhound Gang was the first concert i went to at the Barrowlands.
May i add, the first mosh pit I've ever been in. Before the support it
was the most laid-back atmosphere I've ever felt at a concert. Hundreds
of teenagers just sat on the floor drinking and talking, awaiting the
band. The lights went out and on to the stage entered 'tung', a heavy
band very unlike the BHG and the crowd mood changed direction, violently
jumping up and down to the screaming of 'this is your enemy'. As Tung go
as a support band, there were fine but nothing immense.

However, when the BHG came on stage in front of a large banner saying
'Metallica' which had been scored out, and replaced with 'bloodhound
gang' in clumsy lettering i knew it would be like no other concert. They
are hilarious, as i could have guessed from their newly released song of
the time, 'the bad touch'.

At the time of the concert i was not a fan but after seeing a band who
find it impossible to take anything seriously, i couldn't resist buying
their new album. From asking young girls to get up on stage and get off
with each other, some of whom were voluntarily flashing (including a
friend of mine!!!), to getting some poor guy up on stage to each as many
deep fried mars bars as he could (and if you are reading this, may i say
congratulations!!) and then pouring a mixture of milk and beer down his
trousers, everyone was having a great time.

After a short interlude they came back on stage...dressed up as n*sync,
singing 'the bad touch' and if i recall correctly there were additional
members who appeared to be dressed as members of 'slipknot'. Most of the
night was Jimmy Pop and 'evil' Jared talking to the audience. 'Evil'
Jared even made a successful attempt to swim over the crowd to the back
of the hall by people (one of them being me!) holding him up. By the end
of the night, and after a great concert, it seemed they enjoyed the gig
as much as anyone there.

Tale Supplied by Lucy March 2001

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