Jen's Fan Tale

What can I say about the Barrowlands? Well, the first thing that springs to my, and many others' minds, is the atmosphere. There is just no place like it. In my past 5 years of gigging I've been from Glasgow to Carlisle to Leeds and I still insist that the Barrowlands is utterly unique. 

I've had a hell of a lot of good times in the Barrowlands. From my very first gig (Ash 1996) - where I nearly lost my shoe - I've been a regular visitor. The memories I have of the place are priceless! I've grown up with it - sad as it sounds! I remember the days of hanging around outside, eagerly awaiting the bands entrance, clutching my CD covers and taking my place at the front of the queue. The doors then opening and the mad rush straight to the front of the stage to cling to the barrier and get the best view possible of my idols. 

The next period of my Barrowland-going was the fanzine stage. Like the previous time, it consisted much waiting around shivering, but this time being a bit braver (if the record companies had snubbed us previously) and asking the bands for a wee interview and hey! maybe even a little backstage pass or aftershow pass perhaps? Cheeky, yes. Worth it? Good God, yes! From the first aftershow party in the bar (and my first taste of the Barrowlands' booze) with Primal Scream through to the Mansun and Seahorses backstage shin-digs, good times were definitely to be had. And yes, I was very, very drunk - don't blame me - blame the 35ml measures (another fine quality of the Barrowlands - and did I mention the price of the vodka!?). I may have been a little tipsy (ahem) but I can still remember every little detail of it, with a huge smile on my face.

And now? Well, the fanzine didn't quite go to plan (I was more than happy to do the interviews but the typing I've given the aftershows a little break too - it's more stressful than you think chasing after bands at every gig! I'm pretty much a normal punter now. Which is never a bad thing - it's someone else's turn to pester the Security. Speaking of which, let me add how fantastic the staff are too! Never have I met such a friendly, helpful bunch of people (especially the Security) at a venue in my life. 

So, as you'll have guessed, I quite like the Barrowland Ballroom(!) Basically, if you're after a venue with a great atmosphere where the fans genuinely get along, great staff and cheapish booze, then it's the place for you! Now....when's the next Primals gig then....?

Tale Supplied by Jen December 2000

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