Carrie's Fan Tale

Last year, me and two of my friends got tickets to go and see Coldplay when
they played the Barrowlands in __ . The gig was so much better than i
thought it would have been and I was impressed with the support band Lowgold
(whom I've gone to see since).

After the gig, my friends and i were hanging around outside waiting for our
lift and we noticed that the bassist of Lowgold was standing just to our
right which we thought was pretty funky. So our lift was late and soon there
was only my friends and i, the bassist and some other people standing
outside the ballroom.

We started talking to the bassist after a while and then he offered us three
backstage passes! So we went back into the Barrowlands and were soon a room
with Lowgold and Coldplay among other folk.
We were sitting in the room for a while before my friends forced me to go
and ask some random lady for a pen (which one of my friends stole
*tisk-tisk*). We then went and spoke to Guy from Coldplay and asked him to
sign our posters which he did (really nice guy *boom-boom* sorry..). It was
getting really late (and our lift didn't know where we were..) and the other
members of the band were still in their dressing room so we had to ask a
lovely security guard (we love you) to pass our posters into the bands
dressing room. We got them signed and then left (with the lady's pen). End
of a great night. Cheers Mr Lowgold, Coldplay, the lady who owns the pen,
the nice security guard (we love you), the man who hands out the cups of
water,  our lift (yes, we're sorry) and Cheers muchly the Barrowlands.

Tale Supplied by Carrie March 2001

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