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25th January 1998

It was a restless crowd who chanted "You fat bastard!" to the roadie tuning up the instruments before the concert had begun. DGeneration stormed onto stage (late, admittedly), giving their all. The crowd jumped, screamed, and shouted. But this wasn't what they were there for. A restless fifteen minutes followed the departure of the support band. The tension was building. Finally, as Billie Joe, Mike, and Tre ran onstage, the crowd were happy. Happy, in a violent, deafening way, but happy.

A quick hello by Billie Joe led into "Welcome To Paradise", allowing the crowd a chance to have a long awaited sing and jump a long. The other classic live tracks soon followed, together with new tracks such as "Nice Guys Finish Last", "TheGrouch" and "Prosthetic Head".

The band were their usual crazy selves, spraying a variety of fluids into the audience, swearing, offending and pouting. Billie Joe invited an audience member out to play "Knowledge", sending the crowd even more wild.

At the end, Mike and Tre trashed their instruments, and the entire right handside of the stage, leaving Billie Joe to numb the crowd with his guitar feedback. Ten minutes of this had the crowd dizzy with the noise, but then he stepped forward and proceeded to play "Good Riddance" solo. A greatend to a great concert. I'll certainly be returning to see them again.


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