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No wonder young lads want to get into bands. Last night the hard evidence that rock ’n’ roll is the ultimate sexual magnet was standing, legs splayed, head thrown back, belly sagging, on the Barrowland stage.

Facial warts and all, Motörhead’s bass-playing vocalist, Lemmy, the man who urged us to Eat the Rich, is a national treasure – as long as you are prepared to overlook his dubious collection of Nazi memorabilia, not to mention the Sam Fox snaps.

When Motörhead last graced this stage there was a respectable turnout, but last night’s show was an unequivocal sell-out. Their time has come round again – just don’t expect the band to be remotely impressed by the fact that their T-shirts became the height of High Street fashion last year.

The traditional battered leather, frayed denim and balding thatches were de rig-eur for this crowd. But while the average Motörhead fan is pushing 40, there was a respectable contingent of teenage heavy metal fans to check out their hard rock heritage.

Set opener We Are Motörhead was a formidable statement of intent. Loud, proud and economical, it set the tone for the rest of the show, which frankly was not the most eclectic selection ever to raise the Barrowland roof.

But if the formula ain’t broke, why fix it? Lemmy’s sandpaper rasp, allied to primal rhythms and some thrilling guitar riffs, sounded like the essence of rock ’n’ roll, particularly on the low-slung trashy garage rock of Orgasmatron.

Unlike many metal acts, Motörhead eschew excess. Their one drum solo was shambolic and consequently quite charming. Their cover of The Sex Pistols’ God Save the Queen was on the money. This trio may be old and hairy but they are more punk than most young pretenders.

The inevitable thunderous Ace of Spades (rendered by a bare-chested Lemmy) was just the icing on the rock cake.

Fionaa Shepherd
Saturday, 19th May 2001
The Scotsman






 This review by Fiona Shepherd was originally featured on the Scotsman's Culture Review Page



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