Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom 


Michelle Shocked 

10 May 1992

Headlines for this one should read Going into Her 'Chelle. For when the delicate Ms Shocked shambled on to the stage with her band and mumbled a few greetings, her folksy charm seemed more suited to less public surroundings.

Yet the youthful audience, evidently more at home with Vic Reeves than Jim, were slowly being delighted by the melodic sounds of early singles like On The Greener Side and Anchorage. Then disaster struck.

Michelle invited her parents onstage to perform a hillbilly number. Such a tactic if employed by Wilson Phillips (Brian Wilson's and John Phillips's daughters) would be greatly appreciated. But this -- a country and western karaoke -- was asking for trouble. 'Chelle then returned with her band dressed in outfits last seen in Little House on the Prairie and Bonanza, and produced a lame half-an-hour of pantomime country with scarcely a yee-haw from the audience.

After this ramshackle diversion, the Shocked band donned less studied working clothes again to play a selection of tracks from the new Arkansas Traveller LP, but the unexciting new songs failed to stir the uncommitted.

If Ry Cooder were dead -- and thankfully he's not -- he'd surely be turning in his grave at this paltry imitation of country-rock. Finally Ms Shocked played (too many) encores, but at least included the potent If Love Was a Train from her strong acoustic debut LP Short Sharp Shocked.


This Review was Originally featured in the Glasgow Herald

an article by Johnnie McKie

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