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 15 October 2000 

When I went to see Placebo, it was my first concert  in the Barrowland Ballroom. I was apprehensive as I'd heard lots of stories  about the mosh pit etc. I wasn't that keen on seeing Placebo because I was  more into Nirvana & Limp Bizkit but never the less I went so that I could  say I had been. 

It wasn't like I expected, it was slightly bigger. The  atmosphere was also unexpected as I thought the people around me were going  to be very pushy but it instead it was a relatively laid back. As I went  into the main ballroom, I was disappointed, it didn't seem too exciting and  the support band were relatively dull though as soon as they left the  stage, the crowd erupted, I hadn't experienced anything like it, the  atmosphere was electric, it was nothing like the past concerts I had been  in the SECC. As soon as the lead singer Brian Molko came onto the stage,  the noise was deafening and the crowd surged towards the stage. People  started bouncing up and down and it was hard not to join in. 

As Placebo  played, the sound was amazing, enough to send a shiver down my spine.  Instantly it made me a fan of Placebo. The swelteringly heat and the crowd  surfers added to the united atmosphere. Suddenly, someone threw, what  seemed to be, a black t-shirt onto Brian Molko's face in the middle of the  song and a deathly silence appeared. He just turned round and continued  playing and a security guard ran on and removed it. When he was finished  playing the song, he just turned to the crowd and told them if anyone else  wanted to do the same thing, "Fuck you!". Then from the deathly silence, a large roar came from the crowd. As the last song was played, "Pure Morning", the crowd began singing along and the feeling I experienced was unique and nothing like I had felt before. 

After the concert, I was in shock and all I wanted to do was go to another one.

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Carrie Anne Irvine

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