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Photo by Jim Saah

14 December 2000 

Foo Fighters Rock by Mr Ben

 The Foo Fighters rocked.. then dreamily rolled... Then rocked again. This was pretty much the pattern of their set and it was a sweet, sweet thing to experience, especially in the light of it being the loss of my Foo Fighters live-show virginity. 

Mr Grohl and Co. were able to whip the Barrowlands throng into multiple psychotic frenzies with favourites such as "Stacked Actors", "Monkey Wrench", "Learn To Fly" and "Enough Space", while intermittently placating the sweating masses with more soothing tunes such as "Walking After You" and "Next Year". Top songs of the night were arguably the aforementioned "Monkey Wrench", and a certain little ditty called "Generator". "Stacked Actors" also featured a drum-off between Dave and Taylor - a real highlight of the show. A touch of humour was added to the show by the appearance of Fred Durst onstage - well, Dave, sporting a red baseball cap spouting all kinds of nu-metal nonsense, anyway - and the Foos' unique take on Baker Street, with Grohl's alternative lyrics provoking some mirth in the pit.

 Blood, sweat, laughs, and all rounded off by Break Out - definitely a worthwhile deflowering!

Review by
Mr Ben Glasgow

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