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Tuesday 17 July 2001

Howdy  Snakecharmers and Musical Companions!

Hope you didn't miss the Black Crowes on Tuesday.  If you did, make sure to see them next time around.  They performed a medley of good ol' Southern Harmony, Strutting' Blues and  Barroom R&B;  (perfect for the Barrowlands ;-) with the help of two fantastic backing  singers.  Just a shame they took the term too literally and hid them at the back. Great playing,- songs,- singing   but most amazing was Chris' energy;  he managed to sing and shake his moneymaker for a solid two hours!!!  It was exhausting to watch. 

Here's a little history if you're interested:  The band was started as the Greasy Little Toes in Atlanta, Georgia in 1984  by brothers Chris (vocals) and Rich Robinson (guitar).  It later became Mr Crowe's Garden before settling down under the name The  Black Crowes.  In the late 80s, back rock got popular again and The Black Crowes' music and  early 70s dress sense fitted the bill perfectly.  In 1991 a storming version of Otis Redding's "Hard To Handle" made the  singles charts on both sides of the  Atlantic and a cover of Bob Marley's "Time Will Tell" also did very well.   In 1994 they caused a stir with the cover of their AMORICA album,  which depicted a close-up of a bikini bottom straining to hold its  contents.   Nowadays Chris is just as famous for being married to Goldie Hawn's  equally   golden daughter Kate Hudson.    If you love the 70's vibe, make sure you've seen her latest movie "Almost  Famous".  The director Cameron Crowe used to write for Rolling Stone Magazine and   the film is retelling the story of his days on the road with a band.  Considering some of the 70's antics we have heard of, Crowe managed to make  this a light and very funny film and watch out for the mother!

Mary-Lou    xxx

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