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Saturday 5 May 2001

Hi fellow fans,

If you missed Ash last Saturday you well and truly missed out and here is why!

Bearing Ash’s well-documented burnout in mind, I trundled along to the Barras with my doubts. I had bought tickets for my delighted girlfriend’s birthday, only to ironically discover during  the gig that she shares this special day with drummer Rick McMurray’s, to whom the crowd all sang "Happy Birthday" later.

The night was amazing from the moment Tim appeared onstage and launched straight into "Girl from Mars". The Band then continued to impress, blasting through hit after hit, mainly taken from their ‘1977’ album and the breathtaking ‘Free All Angels’.

From the epic strings of ‘There’s a Star’ the new track from ‘Free All Angels’, which was mercilessly battered down by a testosterone-fuelled chant of “Charlotte! Charlotte!”, to the peeling off and ringing out of sweat-soaked T-shirts on the pavement outside, Ash gave us all a night to remember. !

Tim grabbed the crowd’s attention back from the glowing Miss. Hatherley  stating, “This is a great venue isn't it?……Whoohoo!”  and with random bursts of  Ash's best of the rest thrown in for good measure, my feeling was that,  Tim loved it, the crowd loved it, “Whhhhhaaaaaa!”, I loved it.

Being previously unconvinced of  Wheeler and co.’s abilities, the real irony came at the end of the evening, when after snatching at every piece of punk-pop gold Ash could throw at me, I left the gig with the impression that it was my Birthday.

CRASH!…SMACK!…Ash are back! And they’re better than ever. 

Did I ever doubt them?

Review by Chris xxx


P.S Thanks Barrowlandon my first visit, what a gig, what a venue, I’ll certainly be back.

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