Wed 20 Mar 02


 I must admit I have been to a lot of gigs over the past few years and to a lot of different venues.  So when I found out one of my favourite bands, Weezer were playing at my favourite venue, the Barrowlands, I was no doubtingly over the moon.  My sister and I were extremely excited about going to see Weezer and when we joined the queue outside (in what has to be said typical Scottish weather) the excitement began to grow.   Cause it was then that it dawned on both of us, in a few hours, we were going to see Weezer LIVE!! We were hardly in the queue when the doors opened and we were a few steps away from a great evening. 

As the crowd began to grow and the floor became packed around us, the lights dimmed and Biffy Clyro appeared on stage.  One of the first things they said was that they knew the crowd were all there to see Weezer and they were not going to keep us long.  This was received greatly to the crowd’s cheer.  I have to say that I had heard a little of Biffy Clyro before the gig and hadn’t thought much of them and considered them just another band.  My views changed as soon as the catchy rifts and amazing bass line started.   Each song had a funky beat which produced an amazing performance even if it was only for half an hour. 

After much waiting and noticing a remarkable resemblance between one of the roadies and Weezer’s bassist Scott, the lights dimmed and Weezer stepped on stage to the crowd’s delight.  Straight away Weezer played their faster upbeat songs like ‘My name is Jonas’ and ‘Photograph’.  As I looked round the constant jumping in the crowd looked like waves.  As my sister and I both found out that at the front it was so packed, when Pat’s amazing drumming began, the moshing also started and you were being practically lifted up and down, but this just added to the experience.  The amount of energy Weezer used when playing was matched with the crowd’s enthusiasm towards them.  Weezer played many favourites such as ‘Surf wax America’, ‘Island in the Sun’ and ‘Undone- the sweater song’.  They even played new material such as ‘Dope Nose’, which was the opening song.

 The crowd came alive as soon as the catchy bass line of ‘Hash Pipe’ came on, with all the crowd singing along.  Too top this, ‘Hash Pipe’ was closely followed by ‘Only in Dreams’.  I think this had to be one of the crowd’s favourites.   Weezer topped the song off with smoke along with blue and purple lighting effects.  Although the smoke blurred Rivers, Brian, Scott and Pat out, you could still see silhouettes of them through the purple lights, which made a very atmospheric performance.

After their encore (and Scott throwing his plectrums in the crowd) Rivers said that he wanted to clear the house, and then went straight into everybody's favourite 'Buddy Holly'.  All of this built up to the climax of Rivers playing his amazingly powerful guitar rifts alone on stage.   A brilliant end, to a great night and one that I'll never forget!


By Ashley Morton

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