Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom 


Stone Roses 

19 November 1995

I'd heard all the chat about how the Roses are shite live, Ian Brown can't sing etc. Don't believe the hype! I saw them on Tuesday in a 2000 capacity venue and they were absolutely fantastic. Definitely the best gig I have ever gone to (and this year that includes REM, Charlatans, Oasis, Fanclub, Kylie, Prodigy etc).

The band were just unbelievable - Squire surely is the best guitarist around, Maddix I reckon is as good as Reni and Mani is the most chuffed man in the world. And Ian Brown, well everybody knew his voice isn't the strongest (have you heard Spike Island?) but he got better as it went on - especially for the acoustic Your Star Will Shine and Tightrope.

Favourite song probably Made of Stone since it was the first Roses song I fell in love with. Downers were that there was no How Do You Sleep, no Begging You, This is the One or Sugar Spun Sister but I guess they couldn't play everybody's favourites. They do persist in playing the shite Daybreak though but were forgiven when it mixed into Breaking into Heaven seamlessly. Set list was pretty much how I read in earlier reviews.

Crowd seemed to be totally into it - when I turned round the entire place was pogoing and dancing -  fantastic. There was a great vibe around the place all night. If a gig sells out really fast, then its usually to the real fans which usually makes for a good gig.

The difference with the Roses is that they matter - people care about them, want them to be the best band in the world (cliche time for Roses article about What the world is waiting for or just fools gold). Speaking of that - they were selling Fools Gold, Waterfall, and the Lemon tee-shirts - been stuck in a warehouse for five years probably.

Well, the last three bands I have seen - Charlatans, Teenage Fanclub, Stone Roses. Next three band's I'll see - The Real People, The Bluetones, Oasis. Can anybody beat this? These are surely six of the best bands in the world.

Merry Christmas, and come up and say hello at Hogmanay. I'll be one of the two hundred thousand revellers in Edinburgh city centre. Be warned though - I'll expect a New Year kiss from any UK-Indie pals!



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