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Saturday 20 Apr 02

As I stomped up Gallowgate toward the lit up Glasgow Barrowlands, the familiar sight of  the tour buses and the  patient line of punters came into view. A usual the wait wasn't long and into the dark  sweaty smokey mosh house I went. SKINDRED were well into their set and I was impressed with the band's tightness and overall sound.Can't say I'd heard of them before but the crowd were giving them the usual Glasgow welcome. I liked what I saw though and will try to catch them again. Next up was ILL NINO who have an impressive  cd but live they were  very disappointing.Their mix was atrocious and they sounded like they were cutting up bodies with chainsaws. And is there any need for a percussionist ? The constant twirling and high poncey kicking of their "school backpack wearing "guitarist got right on my tits after the first couple of numbers and it was a relief when  their set to finished. I think the after effects of a bad stage dive from the other guitarist  summed up their contribution to the evening as he limped off stage clutching his leg.

Thankfully P.O.D hit the stage soon after and wham bam they were up for it! Opening with SET IT OFF then straight into BOOM(my personal fav off their Satellite CD) was awesome and man were they tight! Lead singer Sonny is a superb frontman with a great set of pipes. He got himself involved with the crowd early on and  made sure the moshers were well looked after. The crowd were going nuts as usual with plenty to keep the security guys busy. P.O.D have a big clear sound thanks to Marcos the guitarist (who has an effects board the size of the titanic) with  super heavy bassplayer Traa and drummer Wuv, who all  played a blinder.  All in all nine songs were played off the latest masterpiece including YOUTH OF THE NATION, ALIVE, CELESTIAL, SATELLITE, ANYTHING RIGHT, and WITHOUT JAH NOTHING  . Other highlights were U2's  BULLET THE BLUE SKY and another Satellite favourite THE MESSENGER which finished the show superbly. In my opinion, I think P.O.D. are the best of the current crop of new bands and they played a great gig . My only criticism  was even though the sound was crystal clear it just wasn't loud enough for me personally. I like my ears to be ringing when I leave a gig .P.O.D. need to take a leaf out of MOTORHEAD'S epic book of rock and turn it up-I want to go home sonically flattened. If you were at MOTORHEAD's Barrowlands gig last year you know what I mean. P.O.D were good but I feel better things are to come. I couldn't help thinking ,even though they have been together eleven years, as a band collectively, I was watching the birth of the new Led Zeppelin.....


By Bryce Coleman


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