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Ocean Colour Scene Cause Waves at The Barrowland

Fri 20 April 2001

After the obvious disappointment of the first gig at Glasgow being cancelled on the 27th March, I wanted a very good performance but I had no idea that Ocean Colour Scene were going to give the performance of their lives.

After the doors opened at 7pm, we waited for an hour to hear the support band who were really quite good, I’ve never heard of them before, but they were a Scottish band named Mydas who got the crowd ready for the main performance.  At 9pm the crowd were getting a bit restless and hot.  We were all chanting “OCS, OCS, OCS” as well as “WE ARE THE MODS” several times, which got everyone’s spirits up and when the band finally appeared on stage the crowd went absolutely crazy.  The first song they came onto was the fantastic new single “Up On The Downside” and after the reaction from the crowd after the first song you just got the feeling the night was just going to get better and better.

 21 frantic songs were played that night including new songs like “In My Field” and “Mechanical Wonder” which I’ve never heard live before, but I was glad that they gave a good performance of these songs.  Anthems such as “Hundred Mile High City”, “Profit In Peace” and “The Day We Caught The Train” were done superbly and I was proud to be part of the audience which Simon described as “one of the best gigs ever”.   The atmosphere was great, the band were fantastic and the solo of “Foxy Folk Faced” by Simon which he dedicated the song to the whole band was just too good to be true.  “July” was in my mind the best song played on the night, it just got all the crowd so excited and I even managed to get my feet stamped on around a few hundred times and I lost a fiver in the process, but it was definitely worth it!  That was the best version I’ve ever heard of July.  They finished to the Small Faces track “Song Of A Baker” and the Beatles classic “Day Tripper” which was the best way to end the gig. It was the last night of the tour and what I heard by others who been to other gigs in 2001 by OCS, this one was by far the best. 

The only bad bits about the concert was that an idiot threw a drink at Simon half way through a song, but I was glad to hear him say “Fuck Off” rather than storming off stage in a true Oasis style.  I won’t forget this gig in a hurry and I just hope they tour again soon as I’m getting withdrawal symptoms of live OCS already!   OCS rule and they are the best live act in Britain ever!   The Barrowlands atmosphere amazed me, it was so atmospheric and the crowd blended so well into that small place.

 I even managed to get a free hat out of it to wrap off a perfect evening with OCS.

 Playlist:   Up On The Downside, In My Field, Sail On My Boat, Biggest Thing, Mechanical Wonder, Better Day, Day Tripper (encore), Fleeting Mind, Foxy Folk Faced (Simon Fowler solo), Hundred Mile High City, July, Lining Your Pockets, One For The Road, Profit In Peace, So Low, Song Of A Baker (Small Faces cover), The Day We Caught The Train, The Circle, The Riverboat Song, Travellers Tune and You've Got It Bad

Review by Steve Millar


Review 2

Finally after 3 weeks of waiting due to Simon Fowler getting a soar throat, (how Rock 'N' Roll was that?) the day came and  we were there. It was my friend Elaine, Vicky her little sister and my first Barrowlands experience and it's definitely not going to be the last  as the band gave the finest performance I've ever seen from them.

I've been a fan since I was 10 and as we entered the Barrowlands I got another new experience;  my first ever pat down search. I heard a voice say step to the side please so I  did and all because i forgot i had my mobile in my pocket,  whoops.... Vicky also had her cream egg taken off her, I don't know if security thought it was the world smallest bomb or if they were just hungry but as they say safety first.
We got up to the hall and was surprised to find it was quite empty but it filled up instantaneous when the warm up band Minus came on. They were quite good but I somehow managed to resist my temptation to jump up onto the stage, grab a guitar and play the river boat song when they left the stage. While we were waiting for Ocean Colour Scene to appear some person in front of me threw his beer back into the crowd and before you knew it it was raining the stuff. The crowd started belting out "O...C...S" and "we are the mods" making the atmosphere better than  a Saturday football match

As the band came on stage we realised we were stuck in a mosh pit (what a laugh) but Vicky and Elaine found this a bit chaotic so we had to move to the side but even this didn't spoil the gig.  OCS were amazing and within half an hour I'd lost my voice from singing along to a collection of their greats like,  "The Day We Caught the Train" and "Profit in Peace". Alongside songs from their new album. Steve Cradock added solo after solo of pure genius and the band played for ages before going  off stage. With a chant of "Flower of Scotland " echoing around the hall  they came back on again for another couple of songs and as they went off again, it seemed like no one including the band wanted to leave!

Reappearing for a third time the crowd sang happy birthday to the coolest drummer in showbiz  Oscar Harrison.  They finished the evening with the song that has become a regular climax to their gigs "Day Tripper" and as the audience went wild I was a little sad that it had to end and I didn't want to go home to boring old Kilmarnock.
This was the coolest gig I've ever been to and the best night of my life, even beating T in the park last year
. OCS are the best live band around and I am dying to get back to Barrowlands soon as it's the greatest venue I know.
Craig Lynn

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