Thu 14th March 2002

On the fancy purple detailed ticket id purchased from the 'net' it said doors open at 7.00pm i arrived at 7.20 due to reasons id rather keep to myself... but neither the less the queue which reached rite round the corner of the Barrowlands building was slowly becoming nothing (which was great considering it was a typical cold evening in Glasgow!!)as i passed through the metal detectors and my girlfriend had her bag searched by the ever so nice security(who decided to take her hair spray?) guided us up the stair way to where we gave up our ticket by a not so happy looking member of staff?. When I arrived in the hall as usual the first thing i noticed was the stage with the big white letters 'VEGA4' this was to be the name of the supporting act for Nickelback. Already it was rather crowded inside and a build up of rockers had made there way to the front to assure a glimpse of the band they paid to see and also not to forget the supporting act which i must admit id never heard (but hey you never do) but i am always up for hearing new acts you never know it could be the band you pay to see next year?

It had become quite full in the hall and we decided to make our way to the front finding it easy for now as the lights went out and a perfect strumming electric guitar sound humming through the floor into my chest, we got pretty close and with no intro a very casual looking band began to jam there way Through a kinda slightly heavier Travis rhythms the crowd watching on with arms folded and others either smoking or sipping on a beer bobbing heads looked entranced with slight approval... as though they wanted to show there amusement but there was something missing. Personally i liked the band I Thought there lyrics had meaning which is missing from newer bands! After 2 or 3 songs played the lead singer a tall, short, brown haired character with a strong Irish accent showed his delight with the Scottish crowd and began to win the crowd over with constant thanks and even better more heart felt song which his band played out... at the end of his set he even took a visit into the crowd after passing his GUITAR! To a crowd member near the front, which got passed back but somehow the security, retrieved? And was given back once he decided his visit into the crowd was over and left the stage with loud cheers and feeling good inside i would bet at this point the crowd was  really up for Nickelback’s arrival on stage.

There was about a 20 min wait and the spot id picked up front was beginning to make me feel sorry for sardines! it was tight but the excitement of the band was too much i guess and i just wanted to jump around the live music id been waiting for witch I did when the Nickelback 4 sneaked on stage in the darkness as i could just notice the long curly hair of the lead singer and all at once the lights burst on as the band played out there first song don’t ask me the name as I’m only new to the band and a lot of there songs came from  older albums but they f####g rocked !! They had the crowd going crazy! The band on crowd surfing rule just didn’t seem to b an issue as bodies from all angles were passed over my head and every so often on of the guitarists jumped up on a stage box at the side and really played it out with all they had and they showed there joy and amazement to the crazy crowd by admitting  ''you crazier than and gig we played back home'' and '' if we ever do a live video its gotta be here'' also handing out there personal supply of water to the people down the front giving it there all. After playing a hard core set of old and new they left without playing there most famous of songs which really made them how you remind me but i knew and every other sweaty red

faced fan there knew they weren't finished yet and after loud stomping and chanting of the ''NICK-EL-BACK,NICK-EL-BACK'' they came out to play an acoustic version of the song and thanked all for being here and giving so much energy but what everyone was waiting for was the heavy version which came as the other band members came out and the guitar change took place form a wooden to a shiny black 6 string and they played with there all the anthem there best known for and as the crowd sang along and jumped about like crazy! After it was over the band hurried off the stage and it was all over...

All in all it was a great gig the support act was good and showed real prospect and Nickel back played out with there all and gave everyone a great night cant say anyone went home un-happy as always the atmosphere in the Barrowland was top class!!!

This Review was written by Robert Reid

Nickelback Official Website

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