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 3 February 1995

Anyway, on Friday I saw Moz open his current tour at Glasgow Barrowlands. Obviously, the place was packed, and support act Marion were really only a tedious distraction. At around 8.40, the lights went down, and a few minutes later, after the usual kind of opera Moz likes to play, there he was, in person. No dramatic entrance after the band had struck up the opening chords, or anything like that, just "Hello, Glasgow", and he was off into Billy Budd.

The band are looking very good indeed, all in dress jackets with shirts. Spencer Cobrain is drumming again, but it is still Johnny Greenwood on bass, and he looked very nervous to begin with, perhaps unsurprisingly, but played flawlessly. I don't remember the exact order of the set, but he plays Billy Budd, all of The Boxers EP, Moon River (thankfully only a little bit of it), Now My Heart Is Full, Spring Heeled Jim, Hold On to Your Friends, The More You Ignore Me, Why Don't You Find Out, Used To Be A Sweet Boy, Speedway, You're The One For Me, Fatty, We'll Let You Know, National Front Disco and Jack The Ripper. I may have forgotten some, but I think I have most of the set.

However, most surprisingly, not only did he play an encore, but it was Shoplifters Of The World Unite. When it started I didn't actually recognise it, since it isn't really what you expect to hear at a Moz concert. The rest of the crowd couldn't believe it either, and the number of people who managed to get onstage during the song meant that he couldn't actually sing the whole thing. The band played it well although they looked a bit unsure how to end it.

Actually, the amount of fans who managed to get onstage throughout the entire gig was very surprising since the Barrowland security is usually extremely tough, and I think Moz maybe told them to go easy on the fans. It did get a bit farcical when the same people were going onstage for the 3rd and 4th time, but he was generally quite nice to most of the people, teasing one girl who tried to shake his hand by pulling his away and repeating it again until he had no option other than to shake her hand lest he fall off the stage! Someone else gave him a present which was beautifully wrapped and he held onto it for a couple of songs before sitting it down.

At Motherwell the next night, according to my flatmate Greg, he played the same set, and it was even busier, and in his opinion, better, although he would say that, since he got onstage and shook Moz's hand!

I forgot to mention, but he made an arse of Why Don't You Find Out, missing his cue, and having to stop the band, apologise to them and start again. Also, some of his singing, in places, was a bit dodgy, but what can be expected from someone who gave his last concert yonks ago. 

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