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Fun Lovin Criminals

Monday 5 March 2001

Loco at the Barras

Following the recent release of their fourth album Loco the Fun Lovin' Criminals made a long awaited return to Barrowlands.

The chant 'Huey, Huey, Huey' echoes round the Barrowland and the boys finally arrive late following very strange support in the form of Karaoke singer Super Mad Brad. They take the stage Huey, Fast, and Mackie all sharp dressed as ever and this time Huey is showing off his new shaven head look.

The Fun Lovin' Criminals always come out to entertain and tonight was certainly no exception. They opened with a new song from Loco after which Huey greets the fans and the band launch into the Fun Lovin' Criminal. The crowd sing a long and the show really gets started.

Although a lot of new material was played tonight, they still ad time for all the fans favourites. These included Korean Bodega, King Of New York, Big Night Out the quite fantastic Love Unlimited, Bombin' The L - one of the bands more heavy tracks and of course their signature piece Scooby Snacks which sent the crowd into a moshing frenzy.

For some reason Huey felt the need to apologise before playing new songs. He didn't have to, Loco is more mellow than its predecessors but is still brilliant. Stand out tracks include Where The Bums Go, Swashbucklin' In Brooklyn and Bump, which Huey explained is about his one time employment in a gay bar in New York carrying around an ice bucket.

Between songs the boys filled the set with jokes, stories and the highlight of the evening Huey's acting school 2001.  This hilarious sketch consisted of the final scene from Star Wars.  Huey playing Robert De Niro as Darth Vader and sidekick Matteo playing AL Pacino as Obe Wan Kenobi do battle with light sabers and shout gangster patter at one another.  Evidence that when it comes to playing Live FLC are unique to say the least.

After a blistering set they come back out for an half hour encore.  during which Huey dedicates Smoke Em to 'a number of people in the house tonight who have been throwing joints at me al night.' The show finishes with a superb cover of Louis Armstrong's We Have All The Time In The World. This is a fitting end to a quite spectacular night. FLC are back in style!

Review by David Innes



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