Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom 


Deep Purple

Friday 2 March 1996


(1) Keyboard solo included Lord's arrangement of 'I Belong to Glasgow'... nothing like ingratiating yourself to the local crowd.....

A better show than previous night in Aberdeen, IMHO. In another (less humble) - "f**king awesome!"

Lots more smiles around, especially from Morse, who at first seemed a bit bemused at the mayhem before him. Gillan seemed in better voice, too, and, from where I was, a better sound mix. I got the impression at Aberdeen that Gillan was missing a few vocal lines out here and there, and wonder if this is maybe because he's having to sing much more than in recent years? i.e. they're playing 20 SONGS as opposed to approx 10, with bouts of soloing in between. Just a thought.

One small thought - I haven't heard anyone over the last couple of nights even MENTION TMIB, never mind shouting out "Bring back Blackmore" or any other such nonsense....... draw your own conclusions from this.


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