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Friday 25th February 2000

Firstly, Bush are not big in the UK. To all you American readers who can't escape the genius of Bush, we can't escape not escaping it, if you know what I mean. The four-piece are British, no doubt about it (their name comes from Shepherd's Bush - their home town), and their accents prove it. But they never took off over here. It seems people are more prone to listening to Spice Girls and Steps, sad people indeed.


Front-man Gavin Rossdale has been in the press recently for political gestures at their gig in Austria. But that's all over with, and we really should talk about the gig.

Originally scheduled for 15th November, the gig was delayed for nearly four months. And I've been waiting for five! The gig was far from packed when we arrived, but the head count rose to around 1600, not bad for the small Barrowlands. But not the biggest crowd ever. The venue had Nirvana, Bush, Placebo, Skunk Anansie and Slipknot fans.


The support act, Cyclefly, is describable by one word, weird, very weird in fact. The singer has red-hair, down to his shoulders in dreadlocks. Gaunt looking, and very pale skinned. He (or as I first thought, She) had a voice not that dissimilar to the guy from Suede, and an accent I couldn't locate. Their music was perfect for getting the crowd going, heavy and full of 'mosh-it' provoking-ness.


There was a short break before the lights went out again. And Bush prolonged my agony, waiting for the perfect moment. It suddenly came, and they burst out with Machinehead. The crowd erupts, and the moshpits and crowd surfing begin.


The set combined a lot of old songs and stuff from the new album. The fans loved Bush that night. And I didn't feel alone anymore. Gavin even pointed out that, saying "You guys give me so much fucking power!". In the quiet before the storm, he also said "You know, you beat us at football" much to the Scots delight and he also joined in the chanting of "You Fat Bastard! You Fat Bastard!" for reasons only known to him.


The highlight of the show for me was Glycerine. All of the set except Glycerine was loud. And Glycerine blew the speakers. You could just hear Gavin singing, backing the crowd. The last verse saw the rest of the band join in, and Gavin almost screaming, "I needed you more, when we wanted us less. I could not kiss, just regress. It might just be clear, simple and plain, that's just fine that's just one of my names", an outstanding version of the classic song. I felt tears in my eyes and down my face, but it could've been sweat.


Ending with Little Things, I was surprised that they never played an encore. The crowd certainly enjoyed themselves, and even the guitarist from Cyclefly had a good time using his camcorder to film females entering and leaving the toilets. Oh how we laughed...


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Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom Review No 2

25 February, 2000


Steve Bernard

The last time I saw bush was in October 1997 once again at the Barrowlands. That night was great and I knew that tonight was going to be no different.

When the lights went out and the intro to "Altered States" came on, the whole crowd went mental. A minute later Bush jumped on the stage and burst into "Machinehead." The pit started to go crazy. Then, they performed the brilliant "Disease of the Dancing Cats." It was chaos in the pit by this time and it was only the second song into the set. "Greedy Fly," "Warm Machine" and "Everything Zen" followed with Gavin in full flight, jumping around the stage, thrashing away on his white fender strat.

After they had played for about an hour, they went of for a break . Gavin returned and played "Glycerine" until the rest of the band joined in and played the song as a group. From there, "X-girlfriend," "Mind-changer," "Swallowed" and finally, "Little Things" ended their set for the night. But before they walked off, Gavin dragged about 14 people on to the stage to jump up and down with him before they ended and walked off to a massive roar.

A really great concert by he best band around.

Set List ( in no order)
Altered states
Disease of the Dancing Cats
Greedy Fly
Personal Holloway
English Fire
Warm Machine
Prize Fighter
Everything Zen
Insect Kin
X Girlfriend
Mind changer
Little Things

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