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Tuesday 22 July 1997

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Hel The doors opened at 7.30pm, with Bowie on stage just after 9pm, the 'special guest' DJ was nothing to write home about. 'Changes' was played over the sound system just before Bowie's arrival with the audience singing along as one. The mostly over 30's audience were intent on enjoying the show and they did, the most receptive seen so far, apart from one arse-hole at the front who was intent on spoiling the night for those around, anyone know him? (He had a blonde headed little girl with him, I gather he is travelling round the gigs, nonetheless a complete and utter arseholes, if where not for the fact he had this little girl with him, he would have been murdered. If anyone spots him at the other gigs stay clear, he was picking fights before the show had even started, his party trick is to stamp on peoples feet and spit at them - complete animal). Bowie was almost pulled into the audience on at least two occasions, saved only by his massive American security guy, this guy was lifting people out over the barriers who where being crushed by others with one hand!! Have never seen him enjoy himself so much, he milked and hammed it up to the audience for all it's worth, who sensing his humour did their best to encourage him further, which he duly obliged, dousing them on occasion with his glasses of water, everyone who was rescued over the barriers was given a touch by him, which again the audience sensing this preceded to body surf over the audience to be 'rescued' and receive a touch, all were duly rewarded. On one occasion when someone was in genuine distress Bowie assisted in their extraction over the barriers without missing a single beat or word. Performance wise, Reeves was it (Slick're fired!), Gail was up for it just a little under par (still having a little trouble with that bass sound), The muppet was thumping, Keyboards in overdrive (Anyone notice the keyboard player?????), Bowie was........... words alone cannot describe it!! Having attended numerous Bowie gigs since 1972, I personally can say that never have I experienced such a fantastic performance by Bowie, perhaps it's his age or something, he really is enjoying himself for a change, a change that reflects in his performance. Overall the best show so far, can honestly say I doubt that this show could ever beaten in terms of Bowie's performance and audience participation. A truly unique performance - unsurpassable. For the record the kilt worn by Reeves was McLeod tartan. Bowie confirmed that Seven Years In Tibet will be released in August along with a vinyl only dance version of V2 Schneider. Set-List QUICKSAND, THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD, JEAN GENIE, I'M AFRAID OF AMERICANS, BATTLE FOR BRITAIN, FASHION, SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET, FAME, LOOKING FOR SATELLITES, UNDER PRESSURE, HEARTS FILTHY LESSON, HALLO SPACEBOY, LITTLE WONDER, LOOK BACK IN ANGER, THE VOYEUR OF UTTER DESTRUCTION, V2 SCHNEIDER, DEADMAN WALKING, THE LAST THING YOU SHOULD DO. ENCORES: WHITE LIGHT WHITE HEAT, O SUPERMAN, STAY NOTE; FIVE MINUTE INTERVAL AFTER LITTLE WONDER, ENCORES PRECEDED BY THE CROWD BEING ASKED 'DO YOU WANT THE SHORT SHOW OR THE LONG SHOW'. Press Reviews DADDY BOWIE - The Sun, 23 July 1994 Ageing rocker David Bowie may be heading the wrong side of 50 - but he's the daddy of 'em all when it comes to wowing an audience. Bowie rolled back the golden years and rocked the sell-out crowd at Glasgow's Barrowlands last night with a brilliant mix of old and new material. Fans went wild when he lurched into the classic Jean Genie and they lapped up songs from his recent techno set Earthling. If he can make the same excitement for his wife Iman, he should fulfill his wish of becoming a father again! Touts were asking 75 for tickets outside the famous venue. Overpriced, maybe - but by the reaction of the crowd, not by much. Bowie still rocks on at 50 - Daily Record, 23 July 1994 Rock star David Bowie rolled back the years for a sensational concert last night at Glasgow's Barrowland. The 50-year-old include a greatest hits package of songs including Fame, The Man Who Sold The World, Fashion and Jean Genie. But Bowie didn't forsake his new love of the latest musical styles, treating the sell-out crowd to his latest single Seven Years in Tibet. Skinhead bass player Gail Ann Dorsey almost stole the show, treating the males with her lowest of low-waist leopard skin jeans. It's the long and the short of it - The Herald, 23 July 1994 Does he think we don't trust him? 'It's good to be back. It really is'. No, we believe you, Mr Showbiz. You are having a whale of a time and so are we. The Anthony Newley legacy is still a crucial one. Pick up every bit of stray pop music detritus you like, when you put on a show you can still turn into gold. After the mock end of the set, the pretend farewell and the cod wave, the glowingly healthy white duke offered us a choice between the long show and the short show. It was a landslide. Ol' Contrasting Eyes was indeed back. Tellingly Sinatra featured prominently on some of the back projections. Put this Bowie lad in a dancehall and he is in his element, serving up equal measures of new material and carefully selected and arranged choices from his back catalogue. Sway to that dubbed-up, bass-heavy Fame and gawp at that crunching Fashion, illustrated (and the man married a model so he should know) with a porno vid that would make Madonna blush (or perhaps not). Here's Jean Genie begun as a dirty delta slow blues and there's the forthcoming Seven Years in Tibet single, a post-Portishead China Girl. I can't care much for that now familiar re-arrangement of The Man Who Sold The World, Little Wonder still sounds like two song-bits clumsily stapled together, and Under Pressure remains a vacuous stadium crowd-pleaser. But what about that storming interactive Scary Monsters (only Rock'n'Roll allows a chap to behave like that when he's 50), or that tense Lodger classic Look Back In Anger? Pop Mart writ palatable - yeh, that's entertainment. Bowie blue film row - Daily Record, 24 July 1994 Stunned pop fans were shocked by steamy scenes from a porn video during superstar David Bowie's Scots concert. About 1000 fans saw explicit close-ups of full sex and bondage during Bowie's show at Glasgow Barrowland on Tuesday. Pop fan Adrian Smith, 28 from Giffnock, Glasgow, said: 'I was Shocked'. He said there was a 20ft curtain behind the stage during the show with abstract images projected on to it. When Bowie sang, 'Fashion', the images were interspersed with hard-core porn pictures and video. Adrian added: 'I was there with my mates. We were all quite surprised'. Another pop fan added: 'It would have made Madonna blush'. Last night, a spokesman for the Barrowland Ballroom said: 'It's the first complaint we have had'. Bowie gigs deep for fan Rikki's Charity - The Sun, 24 July 1994 Pop legend David Bowie handed a charity worker 1,000 after organising a backstage whip-round at one of his gigs. The superstar even dedicated a song to former airline worker Rikki Carnegie. The Scottish Sun told last week how Rikki, 36, gave up his job to raise cash for hospitals in Sierra Leone. The life-long Bowie fan was gobsmacked when his idol invited him backstage after a sell-out show at the city's Barrowlands. And he was stunned when the big-hearted star handed over an envelope stuffed with cash. Rikki, from Glasgow, said: ' I couldn't believe it when I counted out over 1,000 in 10 and 20 pound notes'. Cheeky Rikki wangled himself a guest ticket for the gig by gifting Bowie, 50, a collection of his early singles. Rikki said: 'When David saw them he told his crew I was to be put on the guest list'. 'After the show David met me personally and we chatted like old friends. He was so easy to talk to but I'm surprised I didn't fall to my knees and kiss his feet'. The Magic Never Dies - Daily Record, 25 July 1994 Starman David Bowie's last shows in Scotland were ruined when former Smith's singer Morrissey pulled out of the double bill concerts at the last minute. But the Thin White Duke was bang on form for a sell-out show at Glasgow Barrowlands this week. Bowie ditched his policy of ignoring his mammoth back catalogue of classics and opened with Quicksand in front of the capacity crowd on Tuesday. He stormed through up-dated versions of his old hits, The Man Who Sold The World, Jean Genie, Fashion, Fame and the show's highlights, Under Pressure and Scary Monsters. The newer songs were there too, including Battle For Britain, Hearts Filthy Lesson and Little Wonder, as well as his next single Seven Years In Tibet. The single relates to China's atrocious human rights record against Tibetans. The 50-year-old who wants to become a dad again, seemed to be enjoying himself more than ever when he told the heaving Barrowland's crowd 'Hello, you lovely people, let's have a really good time, it's good to be back'. Wearing an Eastern influenced outfit, he was flanked by a kilted guitarist and bassist Gail Ann Dorsey, who flaunted a cleavage with a difference. The skinhead wore the lowest waist jeans, cut so that she was practically mooning at the crowd. The final 30 minutes included Look Back In Anger, Dead Man Walking, White Light White Heat and a jungle version of V2 Schneider. And by the time he closed the set with a reworked duet of Laurie Anderson's O Superman, any wavering Bowie fans were back in the fold, bringing along a few new ones.

Hel  USA - Thursday, July 31, 1997 at 13:08:05 (EDT)



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