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Paul Rodgers

Friday 16 February 2001

Paul Rodgers and his Band (all from wonderful Seattle) put on an "Outta sight"- show for all of us Hippies and Rockers, performing a nice mix of  Free, Bad Company and The Firm - pieces with hardly any time left for his new stuff, e.g. "My Brother Jake", "Bad Company" etc etc etc... 
It was good to see that one of  the Greats survived the "Free Sex and other paraphernalia - Era" and looked pretty good with it. 
I can only assume he kept himself fit by not smoking; the Barrowlands audience was asked not to light up during the show and only one cloud of smoke gave away a true desperado who just didn't give a hoot about Paul's vocal chords. 
His onstage fitness regime featured the "mike"-stand which was twirled several times, thrown up in the air & caught, all to perfection and a piano which was wheeled onto the stage during the first of two encores and which was mainly used for him to jump up on and show off his silver trousers. I have seen plenty of gigs but that was a first for me.
The only disappointment was that Paul ran out of time to do "Wishing Well" which would have taken the audience over the edge (ok, the Hippies would have nodded their heads a bit faster) and would made this an even more memorable evening.
Keep on Rocking & come back soon, Guys!

Mary Lou xxx

Review by Mary Lou

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