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Tuesday 6 March 2001

Huey's Acting School Part 64

After having seen their last two appearances at the Barrowlands, which were nothing short of spectacular, I was probably expecting a little too much from the mighty Fun Lovin` Criminals.  Once again the Barras Ballroom is fully sold out for this much-anticipated event, even if it seems nobody had heard any of FLC’s new material, but hey, who really cares. 

Following last years upbeat support act  “The King” everybody was intrigued to see who was on the road with Huey and the boys but nobody would have guessed what came next! Some guy simply introducing himself only as “Brad” and armed only with a Ghetto Blaster started singing covers of Tom Jones and other tacky Vegas cabaret acts. Throughout this chaos the audience one and all stood stunned, waiting for the punch line and then waiting and then waiting some more, until he abruptly finished his set and left the stage. Very perplexed, I decided that I must have been much too sober to understand the intended humour; he must have been there for one plain reason that he had a great voice. 

 After this not too impressive start to the evening, the FLC finally took the stage and started hammering out all the classics and a couple of new ones to boot.  Come to think of it, they played absolutely every-single they ever released and did it with the usual suave Brooklyn Mafioso style. There weren’t any real shockers to the evening, nor was it really a memorable performance but then there is always, “Huey’s Acting School” which really saved the evening for me.  An interpretation of the final scene from “The Empire Strikes Back” is done in the style of a gangster movie, with the parts of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader played by De Niro and Pacino respectively. You can imagine the results when Luke calls Darth “Yo foŁ$in’ Prick”. 

All and all I was just expecting much too much and should have just resigned myself to enjoying the great show that FLC always deliver. Oh and don’t worry if you missed it, the boys come over here so often that they are fast becoming the Barrowlands House band of choice.   

Review by Seb Downie



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