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Wednesday 13th October 1999

Touring their latest album Post Orgasmic Chill, the energetic Skunk Anansie found their way to a hot smoky gig in the city of Glasgow. And so did I. So did I enjoy it? Damn right I did!

Skunk Anansie are a powerful group of musicians formed in London, and their members include the black skinhead vocalist and band spokeswoman, Skin; Cass, their bassist with the big dreadlocks; Ace, the guitarist; and finally the percussionist Mark. What sort of music do this odd mixture make, you might well be asking. The only answer, which does them, any justice at all is: powerful!


From the quiet and brooding Secretly and Follow Me Down to the manic head banging and sheer lunatic anger of Selling Jesus, this band refuse to be pinned down. Their influences are seemingly indie/punk, but their bass-lines are definitely dubbish in their nature. For this reason, they attract many different types of fan, from the hard-core rock fans to the reggae freaks and on through somewhere else, they cannot easily be categorized.

Back to the gig; Cass, Mark and Ace sneak on stage and break into the first song, but the singer is nowhere to be seen. Where is Skin? At the last moment she screams on stage, hidden in a patchwork ankle-length trench coat, and starts to sing. And if you haven't heard Skin's voice, you're wasting precious time reading these words. Buy either of the first two albums (in my opinion the best) and drown yourself in a voice that is positively heaven-sent. Beautiful.


She also gets kinda excitable onstage too. You may notice a ring of plastic above the front of the drum kit, and wonder what it is. The answer - it's there so Skin can jump up above the crowd without standing on Mark's drum kit....


Their gigs are very hectic - you'd better be prepared for a rowdy time. There was plenty of noise and smoke to put off the more casual concertgoer; but for anyone with a bit of spirit this is the band to see.


Go get 'em Skankheads!



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