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 Basement Jaxx

Basement Jaxx

Basement Jaxx

Basement Jaxx

13 November 1999

Red Alert.....

Basement Jaxx.... it was indeed a catastrophe on Saturday afternoon and we needed something to cheer us up, ferchrissake. We sure did get it that night at the Barras where Basement Jaxx, unlike the ba' heids in blue, played an absolute blinder. While the homie casuals were gettin' their rucks off in the streets of the city centre, we were jacking-our-bodies to the maxx Jaxx factor.

It was so much more than 2 faceless geeks fiddling with their knobs behind an array of keyboards and decks, it was classic DJing aided and abetted by rappers, singers, a percussionist, exotic go-go dancers and a spectacular light show.
The blindin' mix of ragga, salsa, hip-hop and soul that is their debut album 'Remedy' really had the Barras crowd goin' radio - flippin' - rental and by the time the first gorgeous dancer was baring her butt to the happy clappers, the atmosphere was hotter than auld nick's armpit.

Where 'Remedy' has its quieter, more introspective moments, this gig was a full-on party from beginning to end. Vocalist Alma 'The Soul' Dua showed how she earned her nickname in an electric version of 'Red Alert', backed by the BJs and rainbow lights. Felix Buxton came out from behind the decks and treated us to a crackin' burst of flamenco guitar in 'Rendez-vu', the crowd could hardly contain themselves as a flamenco dancer set the stage on fire.
Basement Jaxx

The famous sprung Barras floor was well and truly bouncin' during rapper Slarta John's live rendition of new single 'Jump and Shout' - he even appeared onstage wrapped in a saltire to humour the crowd and 'dem a jump and shout like a goal jus score' (if only!).

It was fever pitch time when all the guest vocalists and dancers joined the Jaxx for the final track - you really couldn't have beaten the atmosphere anywhere else in Glasgow that night and if you spent twenty odd quid to see Boy bloomin' George at the Arches, nae luck. Ye missed yersel'.

The Barras crowd were testament to the Jaxx' widespread appeal in that they ranged from gurnin loons to teeny indies - they all had one thing in common, however, they might have been as crabbit as you-know-what earlier in the day, but they all left this gig grinning from ear to ear.
Basement Jaxx
Basement Jaxx have come a longer way, baby, since their illegal party beginnings dahn sarf in Brixton - 'Red Alert' is sitting at the top of the US dance chart, positive proof they're going to storm the states. If you've got a copy of 'Remedy' and haven't seen them live, try and catch the Jaxx at a festival next year 'cos this live set really is something to experience.


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The BBC Scotland Radio One Sessions


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