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The Offspring

Sunday 10 January 1999

Got through the door after the metal detectors and search, got the t-shirt, and still made it to the main hall for the first band Caffine. This band are a three piece Offspring type band . A sort of cross between punk, rock, and strong coffee. The whole band look hyped up on something, and their set went down well with the crowd - although I thought too many of the songs sounded the same. The sound quality was good as everything could be heard clearly and nothing appeared to be drowned out or too loud.

Unlike the second band , don't know what their name was as when their vocalist was speaking all I or any of my friends heard was "jdhfhirgeghdbvjvcjehvuowejgvbdhgrhguwfbcuwegkjhruvbqreg" (well not quite but that makes about as much sense.). The sound quality for this band was very poor - there were two guitarist on the stage (I only know that because I saw them, I couldn't hear them), I could hear some drums but mainly all that could be heard was BASS (Hi Kevin) [funny man - Ed]. The stage setup was a little funny as the drummer set his kit up side on to the audience. I don't know if this was because the roadies got it wrong or if the drummer just wanted to show of his tricks (not that any of his tricks where original - just the usual throwing the sticks to various heights and catching them again [shut it drummer boy - Ed])

Finally Offspring sneaked onto the stage (well they would have done if the lights hadn't been on). They started with a couple of songs of the new album Americana. See the review here. They got the crowd going before the went back to the forth album ixnay on the hombre, then came the first song off SMASH, 'Bad Habit' and the crowd went wild . The crowd stayed like that as they went through other songs including "Pretty fly", " Come out and Play", "Self esteem", they finished the set with "Nitro". It was a well played set and the quality was superb with everything working apart from the female vocals during "Pretty fly" which could not be heard all that well but that was the only thing that was wrong with an otherwise brilliant set. As the crowd went wilder it was good to see that they were helping each other out to stop a lot of the smaller people getting seriously hurt. The was also the intermission which seems to have become a sort of trade mark for The Offspring but this time it had ..... wait for it ......... Bubbles. Ta Da. The intermission gave time for a quick breather before going back to the pit.

All in all this was a concert well worth going to see as all the bands played a good set (the second band seemed to think they had played a good set I just think they were let down by the soundman on the night)

Malky T


 This Review by Malky T was Originally on the Attitude Review Page


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