Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom 



21 March 1996

As soon as the lights dimmed, there was the usual expectant roar from the crowd - this intensified when the shadowy figures of the band emerged and took their positions. The roar went through the roof when Shirley Manson took center stage and the lights kicked in. Garbage then began a storming version of "Queer", Shirley prowling up and down and round and round the stage whilst the rest of the band attacked their instruments. This is one band that obviously enjoys the feeling of playing together live.

Avoiding the tactic of many bands live, who simply play note-for-note versions of their recorded numbers, Garbage added something to each song they played - either in the form of extended versions such as "Queer" or different vocal styles on songs such as "My Lover's Box". This, together with the band's lively on-stage demeanor made it a gig to remember.

Most of the tracks from their LP received an airing, "Vow" and "Happy When It Rains" being particularly impressive. Being on home turf, Ms Manson was obviously enjoying herself. The finest acknowledgement to the night's audience was the encore, however, when she reappeared on stage wearing a large sporran bigger than her skirt itself...when Butch Vig and the rest of the band appeared resplendent in kilts, the crowd took Garbage to their hearts.

A visually and musically impressive gig.

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